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3407 Rock Creek Run
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Sara Toudouze has been specializing in teaching private music lessons to students of all ages since 1973. Her current music lesson studio has been in constant operation since 1982. Each student’s lesson is planned based on the individual student’s needs, weaknesses, strengths, background, confidence-level, and interest. The common goals for all her students are to build knowledge through skill, build motivation and confidence with excellent practice methods, and to gain new perspectives about music by meeting other music students and sharing music-making in a non-threatening performance setting with each other.

As a student of Sara Toudouze, you will have your lessons at your choice of two grand pianos. Either before or after your private lesson with Sara you will have the opportunity to experience attractive, appealing tutorials on rhythm, music theory, ear training, and other musicianship skills on two computers in her office.



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Writing By the Sea by Charles Goodhue

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Writing By the Sea by Charles Goodhue


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3407 Rock Creek Run
San Antonio, Texas 78230