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Piano Lessons

Piano Study With Sara Toudouze

Piano students of Sara Toudouze will have the opportunity to win prizes for completing songbooks and workbooks and for completing sections of computer lessons.

After each lesson, students will take home an assignment sheet, which will list all songs to practice, worksheets to complete, and scales to play. This assignment sheet will have a Practice Record section, where students will indicate in minutes, how long the student practices each day of the week. On another section of the assignment sheet the instructor will indicate how well prepared the student was for the lesson, what was great about the lesson, and what the student should focus on for the next lesson.

Her piano students will have the opportunity to study and polish the skill of reading music by intervals. When reading by intervals the pianist will recognize the shape and feel of the distance between two notes and through feel and touch perform that distance and shape with the hands on the keys, without looking down from the musical score.

Piano students of Sara Toudouze will have the opportunity to learn how to read chord symbols and improvise chordal accompaniments with a given melodic line.

Piano students of Sara Toudouze will be given shorter sight-reading songs that will be called ‘Pass-Out Pieces.’ These should only take the students one or two weeks to perfect and finish. Polishing one’s reading skills is helpful for all pianists. Typically students will be expected to memorize at least two piano pieces in preparation for the next performance. Even if a student is unable to attend an upcoming scheduled performance, memorization skills are great skills to develop.

Piano students will have the opportunity to study piano repertoire from all time periods of music history. Being informed about the composers’ lives and about their characteristic styles insures a more in-depth performance of piano repertoire. Jazz and popular music styles will be included in student repertoire, as well as classical composers’ works.

Sara Toudouze’s piano students will have the benefit of using the metronome as a means for speeding up their compositions. As their metronome skills develop, her piano students will have the opportunity to practice and perform their pieces with musical accompaniment provided by the Roland MT-300, or Roland KR-7 keyboard at any metronome speed. Her students will also be given opportunities to study and perform or record Duet or Two Piano repertoire. It can be great fun to have a duet or duo partner to practice with!

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Voice Instructor

Learning to Sing with Sara Toudouze

Voice students of Sara Toudouze will have the opportunity to become familiar with and develop a specific sequence of daily vocal warm-ups. Voice students of Sara Toudouze will utilize certain breathing exercises to explore and develop their breath-support technique. The goal for developing this technique is for the student singer’s breath-support to become easily available to the student’s singing voice from the beginning of any practice session until the end of a successful performance.

Voice students of Sara Toudouze will have the opportunity to become musically literate by learning to read the notes on both the treble and bass staves and by working with rhythm-reading skills. This music literacy goal will insure the singer’s ability to read and learn their own vocal parts for any ensemble or solo repertoire of their choice.

Voice students of Sara Toudouze will have the opportunity to study songs from each time period in music history, in languages such as English, Italian, French, Spanish, and German. Student singers will also have the opportunity to sing songs from Broadway and the American jazz idiom.

Voice students of Sara Toudouze will have the opportunity to perform in solo or ensemble settings at piano parties or adult soirees held in Sara Toudouze’s home, or at recitals scheduled at the Tuesday Musical Club or some other local recital venue.

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